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Taygen's Kindergarten Graduation Letter

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Taygen, I just brought you home from the hospital after carrying you in my tummy. You were safe and warm inside my tummy. I was just rocking you in your rocker and reading to you before I laid you in your crib. You just learned how to walk. I was just sitting on your bed reading you a bedtime book while you sat on my lap and were repeating the words after me. Now, you are such a big girl and can ready by yourself. Now, I let you read to me while I lay on your bed. We sing bedtime songs while I lay in your bed. We talk about your day and have our own girls days. You've already had your first sleep over at a friend's house. You don't like boys because you think some of them are too mean. Not all boys are mean and I hope you meet the nicest boy ever! Sometimes, you let me hold you and rock you still, but other times you want to be left alone. Sometimes, I miss the days where I can just pick you up, hold you all day and you will fall asleep in my arms. You are growing up to be such a smart, sweet, stubborn, funny, strong willed little lady. I like that you are strong willed because you will not take crap from anyone, not even your mom or dad. ;) Taygen, stay the way you are and never change. You are 6 years old and graduating kindergarten. You are my youngest and I am so proud of you. I know how much you love school and you make your teachers so proud. You are making so many friends in school and you are not afraid to make new friends. I remember when you told me that there was going to be a new girl in your class and you were arguing (like little kids do) with some of the other girls in your class about who was going to sit by her, who was going to show her around the classroom and who was going to take her to the bathroom. You always make everyone feel welcome and love helping people out. When you grow up you want to be a veterinarian. You love making animals (and people) feel better. You make mommy and daddy so proud of you. You accomplish more than I have ever imagined you would. You are so smart and teach other kids your age something new everyday. I can't wait to see what the rest of the years bring you. I love you, Taygen! Love, Mommy and daddy

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