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Pictures of Mission Trip

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I was not able to get any pictures on the work sites because I didn't bring my phone or my camera, but I  did get some pictures of the youth and Silver Dollar City, our fun day!

The Fun day at Silver Dollar City. The kids riding on a ride together

Played a trick on the kids. You see the 3 doors? The one in the middle that is open spits out fire. The door on the left of that opens up then squirts water. None of the kids knew that, so we told them that we wanted to get a picture of the group right in front of the door. ;)

Time to get the guys

Roller coaster that I did not go on, of course! The swing

The morning that we left to come home, we had some fun dancing before getting loaded up in the van. The guy in the blue shirt dancing is one of the other directors showing his moves. 

Another director (in the black shirt) showing us how to do the swing.

Some of the youth showing us how to dance.

A couple of the youth sleeping. 

Parents came to pick up some of the kids, so we had to take one last picture of the group. 

The boys posing. Showing us their muscles.

That is Hoth's pose (on the ground)

Doing the cowboy! 

The hospital that got torn up in the tornado. 

What my bedroom looked like. 

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